Father’s Day Musings

Every birthday, every holiday, every death anniversary (2, so far), any and every random day that a memory of my father enters my dreams or my conscious mind has sat differently for me. Sometimes the anger has taken a front seat, sometimes heartache, sometimes adoration. Much of where I happen to be pulled in thatContinue reading “Father’s Day Musings”

Mundane Nostalgia

I’ve been MIA from writing for almost a month because I’ve needed to focus my attention on my health. I won’t have definitive answers for another couple of months, but from the research I’ve done on the test results that have come in thus far, it seems that there are autoimmune and vascular issues goingContinue reading “Mundane Nostalgia”

Subtle Communication From The Dead / The Pantheon Of Ancestors In The Sky

I have a working theory that the ways in which our deceased loved ones communicate to us becomes more and more subtle as more time passes since their death. The only rationale that I can come up with for this is the concept of the Seven Heavens in Judaism – as the deceased move fromContinue reading “Subtle Communication From The Dead / The Pantheon Of Ancestors In The Sky”

Don’t Look Outside

My mother decided to take her decorating bug from the main floor of the house to the front master bedroom upstairs. There, she trashed her outdated wooden bedframe and dressers and replaced them with more modern, plastic dressers and a waterbed. I really hated that waterbed. You had to lay completely still in order toContinue reading “Don’t Look Outside”


During her brief periods of sobriety when she wasn’t slumped over on her armchair or away at rehab, I got the opportunity to experience quality mother-daughter time. If we weren’t taking a stroll through the park and hanging out at the playground, then we were more than likely at our neighborhood public library. Aside fromContinue reading “PDR”

1984 Buick Riviera

Pop-Pop took great pride in his Riviera, coming over to our house to wash it every weekend in the summer. The sound of the garage door opening first thing in the morning would wake me up and I’d jump out of bed and rush down to the basement to open the door to the garage.Continue reading “1984 Buick Riviera”

Invisible Bugs

When I was in middle school, my mother started seeing tiny bugs that no one else could see. She would point at tiny specks of dirt on the couch or a table and put them on her fingertip, waving it in your face to try to show you what she was seeing. Sometimes there’d beContinue reading “Invisible Bugs”


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